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Garage Door Maintenance

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Awful noises, slow movement and worn and broken parts are just some of the bad things which could happen without proper garage door maintenance. Ideally, all the components in the system should receive full case twice a year - once in the spring and once in the fall. It is important for the following jobs to be done.Garage Door Maintenance

Spring Testing

The role of this hardware part is to balance the door. For this purpose, it is loaded with force matching the weight of the door. Unfortunately, both the amount of force inside the springs and the door’s weight can change over time. That is why the work of the springs must be put to the test. The first step is disconnecting the opener. Then the door is lifted manually until it is halfway open. When it is released, it should stay in place or move just a few inches and stop. If it heads up at a great speed or slams the floor, immediate spring adjustment is required.

Lubrication Maintenance

All moving hardware parts require lubrication. The list includes torsion springs, rollers and hinges. The chain in chain-drive openers and the rotating rod of screw drive ones are added to the list too. All areas where friction occurs should be lubricated as well. The bearings and the spots where the trolley gets into contact with the rail are the spots that should be lubricated. Lithium-based lubricant is an excellent choice because this ingredient prevents hardening of the substance when the temperature drops. When the lubricant is in spray form, it is easier to apply it evenly without adding too much.

Care for Opener Controls

The list includes the remotes, the wall button and the wireless keypad. Cleaning is a must. Usually, it is sufficient to wipe the casing and the buttons with soft lint-free cloth damped in a bit of alcohol. The battery compartments and especially the contacts will also benefit from cleaning. If there is rust on the battery contacts, the mildest rust remover should do the trick. The batteries require replacement only if the controls don’t work well and you have to push the button several times to open the door.

If you are too busy or too tired to maintain your overhead door and opener, count on us to do the job. We, at Garage Door Repair in Hyde Grove, do everything from inspection, cleaning and lubrication to fixing and replacing faulty components.

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